The Journal of Information Assurance, Security, and Protection is a peer-reviewed professional environment dedicated to research and inquiry–with a focus on sharing current opportunities for collaborations, information and financial analysis, and systems-based security initiatives.  Research interests, conferences, meetings, and collaborations will look to embrace qualitative and quantitative best practices.  All opportunities for sharing information and findings are open for public participation.

Contributions are sought on a quarterly basis.  The intent of all highlighted initiatives is to provide a professional means of sharing ideas and concepts pertinent to the field of information assurance.  Contributors are asked to provide information of interest pertaining to upcoming conferences, meetings, presentations, audio recordings, original research, presentations on information assurance-based topics, and even accessing current and relevant published books to analyze while providing a critical review.  Our main goal is to provide a means for continuing the research and study of information assurance in more detail.  The intent is to ensure that such collaborations will then lead to additional inquiries, research, sharing of findings, and publications.