Systems Security Podcast (2018)

Organizational Security Systems
Journal of Information Assurance, Security, and Protection, December 2018

Jodi Bouvin, Ben Bridges, Thomas Schaefer

JIASP December 2018 Systems Security

Journal of Information Assurance, Security, and Protection (JIASP)

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The Future of Reality: AR versus VR

The following podcast publication compares augmented reality and virtual reality. The authors, Brendon Hales and Hayden White, provide an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of reality-based technologies. A main takeaway from this podcast is the versatility of augmented reality within a work and educational environment. Virtual reality can also provide additional functionality within a gaming environment.

Please find the podcast below:

Download it here

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ISACA 2018 North America CACS
Computer Audit, Control, and Security


Saturday, 28 April
8:00AM – 5:00PM
Registration Desk Open

8:00AM – 9:00AM
Workshop Breakfast

9:00AM – 5:00PM
WS1–COBIT 5 Foundation, Day 1
WS2–Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Day 1
WS3–CISA Cram Course, Day 1
WS4–Develop and Implement a Risk Management Process, Day 1

12:30PM – 1:30PM
Workshop Lunch

Sunday, 29 April
8:00AM – 6:30PM
Registration Desk Open

8:00AM – 9:00AM
Workshop Breakfast

9:00AM – 5:00PM
WS1–COBIT 5 Foundation, Day 2
WS2–Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Day 2
WS3–CISA Cram Course, Day 2
WS4–Develop and Implement a Risk Management Process, Day 2

12:30PM – 1:30PM
Workshop Lunch

5:30PM – 6:30PM
Welcome Reception

Monday, 30 April
7:00AM – 7:15PM
Registration Desk and Innovation Exchange Open

7:00AM – 8:30AM
Continental Breakfast

8:30AM – 10:00AM
General Session
Leadership Brief | Theresa Grafenstine
Keynote Address | Erik Wahl | The Spark and the Grind: The Discipline of Creativity

10:00AM – 10:30AM
Refreshment Break in the Innovation Exchange

10:30AM –11:45AM
111–Prepare for the Future of Internal Audit
112–Encryption: Lower Risk, Increase Compliance
113–Risk Assessments and Risk Management
114–Cryptocurrency Economic Attacks & Defenses
115–SSH Guidance – What Does it Mean to You?
116–Cloud Security Strategy & Considerations
117–The Art of Verbally Communicating
118–Practical Application of Qualitative Risk 1

11:45AM – 1:00PM

1:00PM – 2:15PM
121–Additional Information Coming Soon!
122–Understanding & Preparing for Emerging Risk
123–Art of Performing Risk Assessments
124–Additional Information Coming Soon!
125–Sound IT Audit Based on FFIEC IT Booklets
126–Automated Compliance
127–Security KPI/Metrics for Senior Executives
128–Practical Application of Qualitative Risk 2

2:15PM – 2:30PM
Session Movement Break

2:30PM – 3:45PM
131–Machine Learning for Auditors – An Overview
132–Cloud Security Controls Revealed
133–Hidden Traps in Third-Party Risk Management
134–Cyber Resilience for the Changing World
135–Auditing in the Cloud: The Business Case
136–Securing and Auditing a Crisis Response
137–Board Director Concerns about Cyber & Technology Risk
138–Connecting the Dots: GLBA Risk Assessment

3:45PM – 4:15PM
Refreshment Break in the Innovation Exchange

4:15PM – 5:15PM
141–Contemporary Data Analytics Approaches
142–Active Directory for Auditors
143–Overview of Blockchain Technology
144–Why is Database Security so $^%# Difficult?
145–Rise of the Drones: Prepare Your Enterprise
146–Security Automation in Cloud Environments
147–Tips for Effective Presenting
148–Untangling the Spaghetti Diagram

5:30PM – 6:00PM
Spotlight Educational Sessions

6:15PM – 6:45PM
Spotlight Educational Sessions

5:15PM – 7:15PM
Networking Reception in the Innovation Exchange

Tuesday, 1 May
7:30AM – 4:00PM
Innovation Exchange Open

7:30AM – 5:00PM
Registration Desk Open

7:30AM – 8:30AM
Continental Breakfast

8:30AM – 9:45AM
211–Innovating Audits with Data Analytics
212–Build and Understand Tabletop Exercise
213–Prepare for Blockchain Disruption
214–Determining Your Cyber Score Using NIST
215–Cyber Assurance Plan
216–Software Assurance Audit Program
217–How to Build & Grow Your IT Security Team
218–IT Risk Management for Everyone

9:45AM – 10:15AM
Refreshment Break in the Innovation Exchange

10:15AM – 11:30AM
221–Building Skynet for Audit & Risk Management
222–AWS Security Controls, Hardening the Cloud
223–BIA: The Root of Security & Recovery Plans
224–How COBIT Supports the Security Expert
225–The Next Generation in Data Mapping
226–Auditing Network Devices
227–The Hidden in Sight: Addressing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap
228–Managing Security with COBIT 5: Practical Guidance on Using the Framework

11:30AM – 12:45PM
Lunch in the Innovation Exchange

12:45PM – 2:00PM
231–21st Century Compliance: Continuous Audit
232–Auditor’s Guide to a Penetration Test
233–Container Security: Fake News or Opportunity
234–Insider Threat Investigation
235–Compliance in the Cloud
236–Zero Trust Networks for Audit & Compliance
237–Cybersecurity for Leadership
238–Building an Insider Threat Program

2:00PM – 2:15PM
Session Movement Break

2:15PM – 3:30PM
241–Data Visualization: Telling the Right Story
242–Assessing for Physical Security
243–Managing IT Risk Beyond Core IT
244–Defending Against the Insider Threat
245–Auditing Internet of Things (IoT) Processes
246–Innovation & Analytics in Audit
247–Insuring Your Cyber Assets
248–When HIPAA and Cybersecurity Intersect

3:30PM – 4:00PM
Refreshment Break in the Innovation Exchange

4:00PM – 5:00PM
251–IA Analytics PwC & Microsoft
252–Security Monitoring & Incident Response
253–Got Risk? Risk Management in M&A
254–SSH Keys—Lowest Cost, Highest Risk Tool
255–Control & Monitor Remote Access Pathways
256–Auditing Service Oriented Architecture
257–Cyber Across the Organization
258–Privacy by Design – Think Beyond GDPR

5:15PM – 5:45PM
Spotlight Educational Sessions

6:30PM – 9:00PM
Networking Evening: Additional Information Coming Soon!

Wednesday, 2 May
7:30AM – 5:00PM
Registration Desk Open

7:30AM – 8:30AM
Continental Breakfast

8:30AM – 9:45AM
311–Additional Information Coming Soon!
312–Avoid Incident Response Pitfalls
313–Additional Information Coming Soon!
314–Beyond the Audit: NIST in Action
315–Cyber Security – Audit Smarter Not Harder
316–Understanding the Role of a Bank ISO
317–Cybersecurity: Getting the Business Engaged
318–IT Governance Effectiveness

9:45PM – 10:15AM
Refreshment Break

10:15AM – 12:00PM
Closing General Session
Leadership Brief | Robert Clyde
Keynote Address | To Be Announced Soon!

12:00PM – 1:00PM
Workshop Lunch

1:00PM – 5:00PM
WS5–Cybersecurity for Auditors, Part 1
WS6–Leverage Data Analytics in Internal Audit, Part 1
WS7–PCI Data Security Standard, Part 1

Thursday, 3 May
8:00AM – 1:00PM
Registration Desk Open

9:00AM – 12:00PM
WS5–Cybersecurity for Auditors, Part 2
WS6–Leverage Data Analytics in Internal Audit, Part 2
WS7–PCI Data Security Standard, Part 2

7 Best Podcasts for Tech Enthusiasts

Most IT workers these days face some type of commute. Even if you work from home, there are times during the day when you listen to music or talk radio. With all the great offerings available today, why not listen to something that can not only entertain but can also increase your tech knowledge?

The resurgence of podcasts has added another option for listening choices. You can stream them, listen to them live or download them and listen to them at the time of your choosing. For technology workers and enthusiasts there are more choices than you have the time to evaluate, so searched for the most informative and entertaining tech podcasts on the Web. So turn up the volume and check out these podcasts designed for techies who want to be entertained, informed and enlightened.

TED Radio Hour

TED’s acronym is what this podcast is all about: technology, entertainment and design. Based on NPR’s TED Talks, the TED Radio Hour is a weekly podcast that has been entertaining listeners since 2013. The shows presenter Guy Raz, brings together the best TED Talks on new innovation, inventions and human nature. The show format centers on a given topic that several presenters from around the globe then speak about from different perspectives. Raz will often have exchanges with the speakers to try and get to the heart of the matter.

Re/code Decode

In July Re/Code launched Re/code Decode hosted by its executive editor Kara Swisher. The podcast has featured interviews with Slack CEO, Stewart Butterfield, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and other prominent tech figures covering all topics trending in tech.

TWiT – This Week in Tech

Tech veteran Leo LaPorte leads the charge on what may be one of the most well-known and oldest podcasts having run for almost 10 years. Fans of the former TechTV star can join Leo and an assortment of industry leaders and journalists as they discuss trends in technology and current events.

The TWiT network also offers a host of other tech-related podcasts.

MacBreak Weekly

A spin-off of MacBreak, the MBW is for Mac and Apple lovers everywhere. Another TWiT show hosted by Leo LaPorte with, Rene Ritchie, Alex Lindsay, Andy Ihnatko and a bevy of industry journalists, covering all things Apple.

The TWiT network also offers a host of other tech-related podcasts.

Tech Stuff offers the Tech Stuff podcast hosted by Jonathan Strickland and Lauren Vogelbaum. Their credo: “To demystify technology and discuss its impact on society.” Covering a wide array of tech topics like what is an EMP to the decline of Google+ to car hacking, these hosts keep it light and entertaining. This podcast is produced twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Note to self

Join host Manoush Zomorodi as he discusses how to use technology more purposefully. Produced by WNYC Studios, creator of other popular tech podcasts like RadioLab, the Note to self podcast focuses on the complications we face in the digital age. In each episode, Zomorodi tries to tackle a new problem indicative of the tech filled world we live in.

Accidental Tech

Listen in as these three, self-proclaimed nerds (Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa) discuss tech issues large and small, including more than a little Apple talk. The three hosts of Accidental Tech have a great repertoire, having all come from developer background, allowing them to really dig into highly technical issues while keeping it relatable to the listeners.

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(ISC)² Congress Agenda

First Session
8:00am – 5:00pm: (ISC)² Two-Day Training
8:00am – 5:00pm: (ISC)² Two-Day Training
8:00am – 5:00pm: (ISC)² Two-Day Training
8:00am – 5:00pm: (ISC)² Two-Day Training
8:00am – 5:00pm: (ISC)² Two-Day Training
8:00am – 4:00pm: ASIS Foundation Benefit Ride (offsite)
8:00am – 5:00pm: ASIS Pre-Seminar Programs
8:00am – 5:30pm: ASIS Certifications Reviews

Second Session
8:00am – 2:00pm: ASIS Foundation Golf Tournament (offsite)

Free Half-day (ISC)² CBK Training Seminar Previews:
8:30am – 12:30pm: CISSP-ISSMP
1:00pm – 5:00pm: CISSP-ISSAP
5:00pm – 7:00pm: (ISC)² Town Hall [(ISC)² members only]
5:00pm – 6:00pm: Young Professionals Reception
7:00pm – 9:00pm: ASIS Welcome Reception

For all Saturday and Sunday Educational Programs and Clinics before Security Congress, you do not need to purchase a full conference pass.

Third Session
7:45am – 9:00am: ASIS Opening Ceremony
9:00am – 4:30pm: 1st Day Exhibit Opens
9:00am – 4:30pm: (ISC)²/ASIS Career Pavilion
11:00am – 12:00pm: Conference Sessions
12:00pm – 1:30pm: Networking Luncheon (Included in Full Registration and Single Day registration. Additional tickets available for purchase)
1:45pm – 3:00pm: Conference Sessions
4:30pm – 5:30pm: Conference Sessions
7:00pm – 9:00pm: ASIS President’s Reception

Fourth Session
8:00am – 9:00am: ASIS Keynote Speaker – Ted Koppel, Journalist, Author
9:00am – 4:30pm: Exhibit Opens
9:00am – 4:30pm: (ISC)²/ASIS Career Pavilion
11:00am – 12:00pm: Conference Sessions
12:00pm – 1:30pm: Networking Luncheon (Included in Full Registration and Single Day registration. Additional tickets available for purchase)
1:45pm – 3:00pm: Conference Sessions
4:30pm – 5:30pm: Conference Sessions
6:00pm – 9:00 pm: (ISC)² Member Attendee Party – Kings Bowling

Fifth Session
8:00am – 9:00am: Keynote Speaker – Elliott Abrams, Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
9:00am – 3:30pm: Last Day of Exhibit
9:00am – 3:30pm: (ISC)²/ASIS Career Pavilion
11:00am – 12:00pm: Conference Sessions
12:00pm – 1:30pm: Law Enforcement/Military Appreciation Luncheon (Included in Full & Single-day registration. Additional tickets available for purchase.)
1:45pm – 2:45pm: Conference Sessions
3:30pm – 4:30pm: Conference Sessions
6:00pm – 10:30pm: (ISC)² Americas ISLA Awards Dinner (by invitation)
7:00pm – 10:00pm: ASIS Foundation Event -(offsite)

Sixth Session
8:00am- 9:00 am: (ISC)² General Session – TBA
9:30am- 10:30 am: ASIS General Session
11:00am – 12:00 pm: ASIS General Session
12:00pm – 2:00pm: Closing Luncheon, Keynote Speaker – Dr. Beck Weathers, Survivor of the 1996 Mount Everest Tragedy and Inspiration for the Major Motion Picture, Everest